Database Systems 2019/20

This lecture is offered in English.



  • The OLAT course is available here. The password required to enter the course, can be found here. The lecture slides and regulations are uploaded there.
  • Regulations are discussed in the first lecture (29.10.2019).
  • All important information, notifications and materials will be sent over OLAT.


The lecture is held at:

  • Tuesday, 11:45-13:15, 42-110    (First lecture is on 29.10.2019)
  • Thursday, 15:30-17:00, 52-207


Starting from 06.11.2019 the exercises will be held at:

  • Wednesday, 08:15-09:45, 13-305 (Marc Dörr)
  • Wednesday, 15:30-17:00, 42-110 (Shalini Bani)


To solve some of the assignments, the database dumps Uni DB and TPC-H (Links only available within the university network) are required.

English Literature

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German Literature

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  • Kemper, A., Wimmer, M.: Übungsbuch Datenbanksysteme, 2. Auflage, Oldenbourg-Verlag, 2009 Library


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

M.Sc Nico Schäfer




AG DBIS, TU Kaiserslautern

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