DB&IS Seminar 2017/18

Seminar on Recent Developments in Databases and Information Systems. 

To attend this seminar, students need to register according to the registration procedure explained below. After the end of the registration process, participants are selected and informed. Each selected student will get assigned one research paper that needs to be presented in a 45min presentation (plus 15min for questions) at the end of the semester. Finally, also a short report (4 pages) about the presented paper needs to be submitted, latest two weeks after the presentation.



Date News

Seminar schedule has been announced.


Kickoff slides is uploaded.


Assignment of the papers are published. 


Registration information is published.


Detailed information about the seminar registration will be uploaded in the 1st week of September. 


Seminar website is online


Information on the Registration Process

  • This seminar is offered in Wintersemester 2017/18.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Registration is not done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In order to register, download this json template registration file, rename it to yourmatriculationnumber.json, edit it to reflect your information and send it as attachment via email to Koninika Pal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Use the paper ids from the following table to specify your preference for at least five papers. Please use your official university email account @cs.uni-kl.de or @rhrk.uni-kl.de to register and to send the email. 
  • Registration due September 30 (no extensions).
  • Soon after the end of the registration we will let you know whether or not you got a slot in the seminar.


List of papers 

 Papers Tutor Seminar I Seminar II

SLiMFast: Guaranteed Results for Data Fusion and Source Reliability.

Jogleka et al., SIGMOD 2017

 Prof. Sebastian Michel    

 Data Canopy: Accelerating Exploratory Statistical Analysis.

Wasay et al., SIGMOD 2017

 Prof. Sebastian Michel    
 Slalom: Coasting Through Raw Data via Adaptive Partitioning and Indexing. M. Olma et al., VLDB 2017  Koninika Pal    

 Revisiting Reuse for Approximate Query Processing.

A. Galakatos et al., VLDB 2017

 Koninika Pal    

 Semantic SPARQL Similarity Search Over RDF Knowledge Graphs.

Weiguo Zheng et.al., VLDB 2016

 Koninika Pal    

 Provenance for Natural Language Queries.

D. Deutch et al., VLDB 2017

 Prof. Stefan Deßloch 



 Quaestor: Query Web Caching for Database-as-a-Service Providers.

F. Gessert et al., VLDB 2017

 Prof. Stefan Deßloch     

 PaxosStore: High-availability Storage Made Practical in WeChat.

J. Zheng et al., VLDB 2017

 Prof. Theo Härder    

 SAP HANA Adoption of Non-Volatile Memory.

M. Andrei et al., VLDB 2017

 Prof. Theo Härder    

 An Evaluation of Distributed Concurrency Control.

R. Harding et al., VLDB 2017

 Prof. Theo Härder    


Important Dates and Deadlines

Date Event


Deadline for registration


Mandatory kickoff meeting at 15:00  in 36/336. (Slides)


Deadline for first meeting with tutor, a 5000 - 5500 character summary of the paper should be submitted. 


Deadline for slide preparation (nothing left to do).


Deadline for peer review. 

14.02 - 16.02.2018

Presentations in 36/336


Deadline for final report submission. You can find the template and preview here. (tex file,  preview)



  • Participants should have successfully attended the core lecture Datenbanksysteme (database systems) or equivalent.
  • Having attended the beginners course Informationssysteme (information systems), or equivalent, is assumed anyway.




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