Our group is offering the following courses. Information on current, upcoming or past semesters is given further down. For lectures of Prof. Deßloch's group, please follow this link.


  • Lecture (4V+2Ü, 8 ECTS-LP) "Informationssysteme" (Module Description), Course Number INF-00-12-V-2
    • Level: Bachelor
    • Language: German
    • Regelmäßig im Sommersemester (im Wechsel mit Prof. Deßloch)
  • Lecture (4V+2Ü, 8 ECTS-LP) "Datenbanksysteme" (Module Description), Course Number  INF-20-01-V-3
    • (formerly called Datenbankanwendung)
    • Level: Bachelor; Baut auf der VL Informationssysteme auf
    • Language: German
    • Regelmäßig im Wintersemester
  • Lecture (2V+1Ü, 4 ECTS-LP) "Distributed Data Management" (Module Description), Course Number INF-24-53-V-7
    • Level:  Master
    • Language: English
    • Alle zwei Jahre im Sommersemester
  • Lecture (2V+1Ü, 4 ECTS-LP) "Information Retrieval and Data Mining" (Module Description) Course Number INF-24-52-V-7
    • Level:  Master
    • Language: English
    • Alle zwei Jahre im Sommersemester


  • Seminar (2S, 4 ECTS-LP) "Databases and Information Systems", jointly with all research groups of the research area Information Systems


  • Project (4P, 8 ECTS-LP) "Information Systems Project - Implementation of a Web Search Engine" (Module Description) Course Number INF-24-81-L-7


Planung und Übersicht über zurückliegende Semester

Wintersemester 2017/18


Sommersemester 2017


Wintersemester 2016/17


Sommersemester 2016


Wintersemester 2015/16


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Sommersemester 2013



Upcoming Seminar in SS 2016: Registration Open

You can sign up for the seminar in summer term 2016 through this link until March 31st, 2016. More information here.

Upcoming Winter Term 2015/16

In the upcoming winter term 2015/16 we are offering again our Information Systems (IS) Project 2015/16, the lecture Datenbanksysteme 2015/16 (in German) formerly called Datenbankanwendung, and a seminar on Big Data research. Registration for the seminar and the project is possible until end of September 2015.

Upcoming Summer Term 2015: Lectures and Seminar

In the upcoming summer term 2015 we offer two lectures: The new lecture on Information Retrieval and Data Mining (IRDM) SoSe 2015 the lectureDistributed Data Management SoSe 2015. Both have 4 ECTS-LP. There will also be again the DB Seminar offered by all groups of the IS Lehrgebiet.


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