Pantheon (DFG Project)

The concept of rankings is ubiquitous; it exists in nearly all domains. Essentially, rankings allow focusing on a small subset of an exhaustively full list - usually a few top or bottom entries are of interest. Such small subsets represent the essence of the available data, worthwhile to look into. Entity rankings share core characteristics; yet, for different entity types and fields it is hard to derive meaningful rankings in a fully automated way. This projects develops algorithms and tools to generated a large-scale repository of entity rankings, which is automatically populated and maintained. It captures entities, their properties and relations
from many different fields. We call it Pantheon.
It enables rich services to users and applications, for ad-hoc information demands, real-time event delivery, and deeper analytical insights.


We have published training data and relevance assessments of our recent work on mining interesting categorical values.


The Pantheon project is funded by the DFG under project MI 1794/1-1 and MI 1794/1-2.


AG DBIS, TU Kaiserslautern

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