We are part of the BMEL funded DigiVine project: More information under https://digivine.org/


One full paper and two short papers accepted at EDBT 2020. On Distributed Similarity Joins, learned indices, and data wrangling, respectively.

The demo proposal of our system CLASH got accepted at SIGMOD! CLASH is a high-level abstraction on top of Apache Storm, for expressing and optimizing multi-way stream joins. Check out the teaser video https://youtu.be/oZxNIwvEQDw

Our work on "Scaling Out Schema-free Stream Joins" has been accepted to ICDE 2020 as a full paper, and additionally we come to present our demonstration "JODA: A Vertically Scalable, Lightweight JSON Processor for Big Data Transformations" in Dallas in April. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Our approach to identify interesting categorical attributes based on a classification approach using old and novel statistical features got accepted at SSDBM 2018!


AG DBIS, TU Kaiserslautern

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