The demo proposal of our system CLASH got accepted at SIGMOD! CLASH is a high-level abstraction on top of Apache Storm, for expressing and optimizing multi-way stream joins. Check out the teaser video

Our approach to identify interesting categorical attributes based on a classification approach using old and novel statistical features got accepted at SSDBM 2018!

New paper on optimizing class-constraint nearest neighbor queries accepted at WebDB@SIGMOD 2018.

Our brand-new approach (COMPETE) that harnesses dominance relationships between competing, ranked entities got accepted at ExploreDB@SIGMOD 2018. See you in Houston next month!

Our paper on pruning and querying inverted indices got accepted at WebDB 2017@SIGMOD and our work on scaling out multi-way theta joins got accepted at BeyondMR 2017@SIGMOD. See you in Chicago in May!


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