DB&IS Seminar 2017

DBIS Seminar on "Data Management on Modern Hardware".

To attend this seminar, students need to register according to the registration procedure explained below. After the end of the registration process, participants are selected and informed. Each selected student will get assigned one research paper that needs to be presented in a 45min presentation (plus 15min for questions) at the end of the semester. Finally, also a short report (4 pages) about the presented paper needs to be submitted, latest two weeks after the presentation.



Date News


Schedule announced


Registration Information Published


Seminar website is online


 Important Dates and Deadlines

Date Event


Deadline for registration


Mandatory kickoff meeting at 15:00 in 36/336 (.ics)


First meeting with tutor is done and summary submitted


Slides are for finished


Peer-review feedback provided


Peer-review feedback incorporated and final presentation submitted

(likely in the last week
of the lecture period)

Presentations in 36/336


Final report is submitted



  • Participants should have successfully attended the core lecture Datenbanksysteme (database systems) or equivalent.
  • Having attended the beginners course Informationssysteme (information systems), or equivalent, is assumed anyway.


Information on the Registration Process

  • This seminar is offered in Summersemester 2017
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Registration is not done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In order to register, download this json template registration file, rename it to <yourimmatriculationnumber.json> (e.g., 123456.json), edit it to reflect your information and send it as attachment via email to Manuel Hoffmann(mhoffmann@cs...). Use the paper ids from the following table to specify your preference for at least three papers. Please use your official university email account (@cs.uni-kl.de or @rhrk.uni-kl.de, which you should use for all study related communication) to register and send the email.
  • Registration due March 31 (no extensions).
  • Soon after the end of the registration we will let you know whether or not you got a slot in the seminar.


List of Papers

In order to download some of the papers you need to be in the University's IPv4-subnet. If you are at home, make sure you use full-tunnel VPN.

  1. Multiple Query Optimization on the D-Wave 2X Adiabatic Quantum Computer, Trummer, Koch, VLDB 2015 [pdf]
  2. Faster Set Intersection with SIMD instructions by Reducing Branch Mispredictions, Inoue, Ohara, Taura, VLDB 2015 [pdf]
  3. The End of a Myth: Distributed Transactions Can Scale, Zamanian, Binning, Harris, Kraska, VLDB 2017 [pdf]
  4. An Interval Join Optimized for Modern Hardware, Piatov, Helmer, Dignös, ICDE 2016 [pdf]
  5. FPTree: A Hybrid SCM-DRAM Persistent and Concurrent B-Tree for Storage Class Memory, Oukid, Lasperas, Nica, Willhalm, Lehner, SIGMOD 2016 [pdf]
  6. High-Speed Query Processing over High-Speed Networks, Rödiger, Mühlbauer, Kemper, Neumann, VLDB 2015 [pdf]
  7. Scaling HTM-Supported Database Transactions to Many Cores, Leis, Kemper, Neumann, IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2016 [pdf]
  8. Similarity (range and kNN) queries processing on an Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, Toledo, Barrientos, Avila, Cluster Computing March 2016 [pdf]
  9. Staring into the Abyss: An Evaluation of Concurrency Control with One Thousand Cores, Yu, Bezerra, Pavlo, Devadas, Stonebreaker, VLDB 2014 [pdf]
  10. Work-Efficient Parallel Skyline Computation for the GPU, Bogh, Chester, Assent, VLDB 2015 [pdf]
  11. GPL: A GPU-based Pipelined Query Processing Engine, Paul, He, He, SIGMOD 2016 [pdf]
  12. NVRAM-aware Logging in Transaction Systems, Huang, Schwan, Qureshi, VLDB 2015 [pdf]





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